Classic Foods to Find in Ukraine

If you’re traveling to Ukraine, you might as well check out traditional and modern foods of Ukraine. Most Ukrainians are extremely friendly and they want nothing more than to introduce you to more of their culture. The country is extremely proud of its history. They want people to understand that the historical focus should be on Ukraine, not Russia. Of course, you can’t ignore the terrible historical footprint Russia has left on the country. But if you’re going to talk to people, highlight the significant contributions that Ukrainians have made to art, science, culture, literature, and food.

Speaking of food, why not look at those foods a little more up close? As mentioned in the title, there are some classic foods to check out in Ukraine. Below is a list of foods that you’re most likely to find in the city. Of course, as more money floods the country as a whole, people are feeling confident enough to create more interesting dishes.

Ukrainian borscht

The first food that you’ll most likely encounter would have to be borscht. It’s a very famous soup that’s made with beets primarily, but also includes potatoes, carrots, spinach, and a ton of other things. It’s really an “everything but the kitchen sink” type of soup that’s extremely filling. You’ll find it just about everywhere! (more…)