Everything You Need to Know about Travelling with E-Cigarettes

The rules on smoking regular cigarettes are normally very straightforward, and most people are quite clear on what is and isn’t allowed. You can’t smoke on a plane, you can’t smoke in public places in many countries and you have to be a certain age in order to purchase them. However, when travelling with e-cigarettes, things might be slightly different. Here is everything you need to know about taking e-cigarettes on your travels.

  1. Rules and Regulations

Depending on which country you’re going to, the rules and regulations regarding e-cigarettes might be different. Just because you can smoke them in your home country doesn’t mean that you can smoke them on an entirely different continent. In Brazil, smoking e-cigarettes is not allowed, whereas it’s perfectly legal in Afghanistan. Before leaving for your trip, check out the specific smoking laws of the particular country that you’re travelling to.

traveling with e cigarettes

  1. Smoking on a plane

Unfortunately, most airlines don’t allow you to smoke on the actual plane, even if it’s an e-cigarette. Some airlines will even go so far as to have you arrested for doing it, so don’t take a chance. You can take your E-Cigarettes with you on the plane, but most airlines will instruct you to take the batteries in your hand luggage. If you’re taking e-liquid with you on your travels, make sure that it is under the 100ml liquid limit if you want it to go in your carry-on bag.

  1. Smoking in the airport

Some airports are quite accommodation when it comes to smoking e-cigarettes, and some of them even have a vaping lounge that you can take advantage of. However, others don’t like you smoking inside the airport, and might ask you to go to the smoking area. Again, this will vary from one airport to the next, so if you’re unsure, ask somebody official to give you some advice.

  1. Before you travel

Remove any batteries before packing your e-cigarettes, and take a good supply of e-liquid if you know you’re going to be able to smoke in the country you’re visiting. Many people have gone on their travels and been unable to get hold of a fresh supply of e-liquid, preventing them from enjoying their e-cig while on vacation. Don’t forget to read up on all the laws of the country too – some rules might be unclear, so either leave your e-cigarette at home or contact somebody who can help