Kyiv – capital of Ukraine, one of the largest and oldest cities in Europe, is located in the middle flow of the Dnieper River, in northern Naddnipryaschyna. With the population of 2,786,518 people (as of 01/06/2010) and an area of 839 square kilometers, Kiev is a leading cultural, political, financial, socio-economic and scientific center. You can read more about Ukraine on this article here.

Interesting places in Kyiv

In Kiev there are 27 museums, 25 theaters and studios (such as the National Academic Opera and Ballet of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet, Theatre for Young People, the National Academic Drama Theatre, Ivan Franko National Academic Theatre, Russian Drama Lesia Ukrainka Theatre, Theatre on Podil, Kiev young academic Theatre, Kiev State Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the left bank).

Kyiv also has one of the largest planetariums in Europe.

Kiev is rich in monuments of culture and art. The most important ones are: Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral (XI century), Vydubitsky Monastery (XI century), Complex of tamples of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (XI-XVIII cc.), St. Michael Cathedral, Florovsky Monastery (the beginning of XVI century), the Church of Our Saviour on birch bark (XII century), Baroque Resurrection, St. Andrew, Pokrovsky, Trinity Church, Vladimir Cathedral (XIX century), Klovskiy and the Mariinsky Palace.

Kiev botanical gardensForests, parks and gardens make up more than half of Kiev area. The city has two botanical gardens.

Kyiv chestnut treesKiev is usually called one of the greenest cities of the world. Famous Kyiv chestnut trees, which blossom luxuriously in May, and sometimes twice a year: spring and autumn, have become one of the symbols of the city.

What else can you see in Kiev?

* St. Sophia’s Cathedral (Sofievskaya Sq.) You can take the bus number 16 or 18 from metro station “Майдан Незалежності”  or walk.)

* Golden Gate Museum (metro station “Золоті Ворота”);

* Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (st. Mazepa (January Uprising) 21, on foot or by trolley / bus from the metro station “Арсенальна”):

o Middle and Far caves (preferably without small children);
o refectory, Uspensky Cathedral;
o museum of historical treasures;
o Museum of Microminiature N. Syadristogo;
o Museum of holograms;
o Museum of Printing;
o Museum of Ukrainian decorative art, etc.;

* Funicular – climb the mountain Starokyivska and / or to leave back to hem (Metro “Поштова Площа”);

* St. Michael Cathedral (Mykhaylovskaya Sq., From the metro station “Майдан Незалежності”, you can take trolley bus number 16 or 18 or walk, or from the metro station “Поштова Площа” climb up the Funicular);

* St. Andrew’s Descent (from the metro station “Gjinjdf Gkjif” climb up the Funicular):

o St. Andrew’s Church;
o Observation platform at the Castle Hill;
o Bulgakov Museum – “House of Turbins “(It is strongly recommended to take the tour. Here, you will be able to enjoy tea party with the “Kiev jam”.)

* Landscape alley (from the Lviv Sq. to St. Andrew’s Descent);

* “House with Chimeras” (Metro “Хрещатик”, the yield on the street. Gorodetsky Str.Bankovaya, 10);

* St. Vladimir’s Cathedral (Botanical Sq., Subway station “Університет”) – painting by Vasnetsov, Nesterov, Vrubel;

* Botanical Gardens Fomin (old subway station “Universitet”); Booking a tour is recommended – no one can better tell you about the collection of palm trees and cacti than the local guides.

* Botanical Garden named after N. Grishko (In the first two weeks of May blooms huge collection of lilacs: late August – early September flowers exhibition) from the metro station “Печерська” bus number 62 or trolleybus № 14;

* Park on the Dnieper, from the St. Michael Cathedral (subway station “Поштова Площа”, upstairs by Funicular) to Laura (the metro station “Арснальна”):

o Monument to Prince Vladimir on Vladimir Hill;
o Mariinsky Palace;
o The ruins of the Green Theatre;
o “The bridge of lovers”;
o Water Information Centre (for children and adults);
o Askold’s Grave;

* Museum of the Great Patriotic War

* Walks along the Dnieper river on the boat

* Ride the subway across the Dnieper from the station “Арсенальна” to the station “Лівобережна”, admire the panorama of islands and the Dnieper hills. Pass the bridge on foot!

* Astronomical Observatory of Kiev National University

* Pirohovo – Museum of folk architecture and life in the open air (You can take the bus from the metro station “Либідьськиа”);

For children:

o Zoo (Metro “Політехнічний Інститут”);
o Museum of natural history (metro station “Театральна” or “Золоті Ворота” st. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 15) – 5 museums in one: the geological, paleontological, zoological, botanical and archaeological; dwellings of mammoth hunters, built from the bones of the most mammoth; tropical plants; real skeletons of whales, a collection of butterflies, numerous dioramas, exhibition-terrarium, open from 10:00 to 17:00, weekends – Monday, Tuesday;
o Children’s Railway (summer only), the ring on a picturesque park, two stations – St.T.Shamrylo, 4 (metro station “Дорогожичі”);
o Puppet Theatre (st. Grushevskiy 1-a, the metro station “Майдан Незалежності”);
o Circus (Victory Square, 2, any trolley bus from the metro station “Університет”);

Art Gallery

o The Museum of Russian Art (st. Tereschenkivska; 9 subway station “Університет”);
o The Museum of Western and Oriental Art (Museum of Arts and Barbara im.Bogdana Khanenko Str. Tereschenkivska 15-17, metro station “Університет”)
o The National Art Museum of Ukraine (st. Grushevskiy 6, art. subway station “Майдан Незалежності”)
o Pinchuk Art Center (corner of st. Chervonoarmiiska and pool (complex “Arena”, Block A, Metro “Льва Толстого” or “Майдан Незалежності”)

Visit some of the best Kyiv Theatres:

o The National Opera of Ukraine (Metro “Золоті Ворота”);
o Ukrainian Drama Theatre. Ivan Franko (Metro “Хрещатик”);
o Russian Drama Theatre. Lesya Ukrainka (metro station “Театральна”);
o Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank (Metro “Лівобережна””);
o National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Metro “Майдан Незалежності”);
o House of Organ Music (metro station “Палац Україна”).

IMPORTANT: If you are going to walk on foot, wear soft, comfortable shoes, ideally – sneakers. Because Kiev, according to legend, stands on seven hills. In reality, there are much more hills, they are steep and high.